SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit

Mod-colour: Bright Black
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The SMOK Trinity Alpha 30w kit is the newest pod based vape system from SMOKTech. Much like the SMOK Nord Kit, the Trinity Alpha combines the convenience of an all-in-one vape kit with the versatility of a more traditional tank. Featuring replaceable coils in both sub-ohm and high-resistance options, the flexibility to use standard or nicotine salt based eliquids and more powerful battery than most ultra portable mods, this pod system balances performance and style as only SMOK can.

The Trinity Alpha comes with more features than you might expect from something so tiny. There is no doubt that this pod mod looks similar to some others on the market, but the SMOK Trinity Alpha has standout features that set it apart from the competition. The hard, normal, and soft firing functions, which control the wattage from 6w all the way up to 30w is a feature most similarly styled pod mods dont have. Couple that with its ability to swap out a full range of coils, and you have a portable pod mod that stands above the rest.



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